Welcome to Siam Quality Grain Co.,Ltd. (SQG), we are a leading rice export company in Thailand who are an affiliate of Tairomtham Agricuture Group Of Companies, which is one the leading domestic rice distributor in Thailand for more than 30 years.

The Company has been in the Rice business since late 1960's and has remained the largest Rice exporter from the country shipping around Four hundered thousand (400,000) M. Tons annually. Our consistent performance over the years is due to our philosophy to keep the customers interest paramount in all circumstances and to build on relationship rather than any specific transaction.This has been possible by our principles of providing the right quality, at the right price, with the right quantity, from the right source at the right time.Over the years substantial know how has been developed in procurement, processing and quality controls, with the capital invested in warehousing, infrastructure and logistics to prepare the company to cater to the
changing needs of customers, and to maintain its lead position in the
market.For its efforts the company has been recognized with serveral
excellence awards given by the Federation of Pakistan Chamber
of commerce & industry and the Government of Pakistan.


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